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Yee - A Blockchain-powered & Cloud-based Social Ecosystem
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10+ World's Top Venture Capitals
Invested by Sinovation Ventures, ZhenFund, Vision Plus Capital, Longling Capital,Hcash Founder,Node Capital etc.
Next Generation WeChat Powered by Blockchain
Next Generation IM YeeCall powered by YeeNet, an efficient Ethereum distributed cloud-based communication system, which supports communication fully authenticated and encrypted. In the near future, YeeCall will provide friction-free commerce and smart contracts etc.
Platform with 30 million+ Users Worldwide
YeeCall has more than 30 million registered users and is one of the most popular IM apps in Southeast Asia, Europe, North America, India and the Middle East.
Communication Network With Global Coverage
YeeCall already built a network covering 277 countries worldwide, 1000 operators’ networks and has 5 data centers and 400+ connecting nodes. 70% data transmit efficiently through P2P. YeeCall is already working on IoT compatibility.
Ecosystem With 1 Billion Users
Currently, more than 10 of our partners own more than 100 million users worldwide. YeeCall also welcome collaboration with relevant companies.
Strong Technological Capability
Team members are from leading internet companies with strong technological capability and extensive community management experience. The team has applied their expertise in communication fields to solve real-world problems for 10 years. For the past three years, team members build more than 3 super apps with over 100 million users worldwide.
Wu Yongming
Founder and President of Vision Capital/Angel investor
Wu Yunkun
360 Enterprise Security Group President
Wang Dongfeng
President and CEO of Forgame Holdings
Zhang Zhenghua
Former President of Baidu Wallet
Wang Zhaohui
Founder of Ruchuan Capital
Du Jun
Founder of Node Capital
Tian Hongfei
Partner of PineVC
Ren Junfei
Secretary Board of Directors at Huobi Group
Founder of Huobi Labs
President of PlusYoou
Tan Chenhui
CEO of Bishijie
Zhu Xuejiao
CEO of Kcash
Gurpreet Singh
Founder/CEO Atm.ventures
Herschel Rabitz
Professor of Princeton University
Ge Gennian
Vice chair of Chinese Society of Combinatorics
Xu Yiping
Professor of University of International Business and Economics